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10 Fun Winter Holiday Activities!

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I love winter, so here are my top 10 fun things to do to keep out of the boredom zone.

1) Open an Etsy Shop!

This is really easy, and a great way to make quick cash! you only have to pay a few cents a month, so what a great profit!




2) Hit the slopes

Whether it’s Perisher, or Mt Hotham, Falls Creek, or Threadbo. Hitting the mountains is the coolest thing this winter! (pun intended)





3) READ!!!!!!

Reading is one of the easiest thing to do! Join a library (it’s free!) for a great range on FREE books!







4) Have a movie marathon

Rent some flicks or ask your friends to come over and bring their favourite movie. Don’t forget lollies and popcorn!







5) Bake

Whether it’s cookies or cupcakes, baking your favourite treat is a great winter activity. Nothing beats the taste of an oven-fresh biscuit!







6) Jump in puddles

I know that little kids and dog (or is it just mine?!) love it, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do it! So buy or dust off a pair of gumboots and go for it girl!







7) Redecorate your bedroom

If it’s hanging up fairy lights, or putting a cute pillow on your bed, giving your bedroom a new life can make a lot of difference. Sometimes change is good.







8) Make something

Even if it’s a thank you card for your favourite teacher, or some origami for someone special, making something is a guaranteed boredom buster.







9) Window surf

This one is good, but can get very tempting! Window surfing is the online version of window shopping. Get ready to get those puppy dog eyes out, because there is sure to be something you want to add to your winter wardrobe! 





10) Plan your next party

If all else fails, plan your next party! Is it going to be a sleep-over or movie night? Disco or pool party? Plan it now so you have a heap of time to make it the best party ever!






So have a great winter! And stay warm and safe!